Why RadioShack?

RadioShack has created a loyal following of customers through our associates' expertise and collaborative spirit with consumers, celebrating the longstanding idea that "two heads are better than one." In a marketplace that is continuously flooded with new technology, it is this mantra that differentiates RadioShack from other retailers.

At the new RadioShack, "It Can Be Done, When We Do It Together." Beyond our great product assortment and price match guarantee, RadioShack fills a void for consumers who need advice to bring a technology idea to life.

Customers consistently praise our associates for their helpful and knowledgeable contributions to their shopping experience. Our curated product assortment, from personal and home technology and power supply to mobility, music, sound and digital fitness, enables consumers to find the right product to suit their lifestyle.

Adding Value. When you shop at RadioShack, you get unparalleled, value-added services in addition to expert advice.